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The Reel Deal by Clarence Donowitz.
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Mr. Donowitz was born the only child of an upper-middle class family in a suburb of Duluth, Minnesota in the early 1960s in the month of January. As a child, he spent countless days and hours at the local library reading and dreaming about some day becoming the world’s most astute chronicler. Realizing his potential, his parents enrolled him in a prestigious all boy Catholic preparatory school where he excelled at spelling and fencing. His notoriety grew quickly as he took over the helm of his high school newspaper, “The Brown Gazette” and reported on local social problems.

Mr. Donowitz’s unique ethnic background made it easy for him to fit into diverse intellectual crowds and to report on a wide variety of topics. After graduating from high school, Mr. Donowitz was awarded a full academic scholarship to Oxford University where he graduated summa cum laude and received a special commendation from the Queen. He went on to receive his Doctorate in Literature from Columbia University, and has held numerous behind-the-scenes executive positions in television, radio, newspapers, and magazines and as a social commentator. He has served as consultant on the boards of General Motors, Sun Oil, and Johnson & Johnson. Mr. Donowitz will be submitting a weekly column of movie reviews and social commentary directly to JK Toth. JK Toth will publish his submission word-for-word, as per-agreement with Mr. Donowitz. His opinions do not necessarily reflect those of JK Toth or its Management.

Questions for Mr. Donowitz may be submitted for consideration to: editorial @jktoth.com .

If you would like your film to be considered for review by Mr. Donowitz, send a DVD copy to:

Suite 606
355 Old Tarrytown Road
White Plains, NY 10603
c/o Cyril Caurthens.

Write plainly on the package that this movie is for consideration by Mr. Donowitz
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