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Masterchef Jack Eck

Announcing... the newest Episode of MasterChef Theate by JK TOTH ...jktoth.com., Sponsored by Vespa of Queens and Word of Mouth Car Detailing Center of Chappaqua, New York, this segment focuses on a wonderful seafood meal suitable for both an elegant dinner party and a festive family event. Starring new MasterChef Jack Eck, viewers are shown, step by step, the preparation secrets for both Appetizer and Main Course. In only one-half hour's time, by following closely along, you too can create a world-class meal like a MasterChef! See all of the other great MasterChef episodes at jktoth.com. if you would like to audition to become a MasterChef, or simply would be interested in the excellent promotional opportunity that MasterChef may afford your business, call JK Toth today at 914.319.1691.

MasterChef 5 - Jack Eck from David Toth on Vimeo.

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