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Chef Umberto

Overview: Umberto’s Place

Come visit the inner sanctum of Umberto, one of the country’s senior chefs, as he prepares a mouthwatering array of his signature dishes. With the emphasis on colorful, efficient preparation, Umberto shares eagerly, step-by-step, the secrets that have made him a household name in the world of fine dining.

* A Perfect Tomato Sauce
* Poached Zucchini in Parmesan Cream/Artichoke Garnish
* Chicken Scarpariello
* Angel Hair Pasta
* And of course, the techniques that have helped create the legend that is… Umberto

Part I: The debut of the Italian super chef, Umberto. In this segment, Umberto lays the groundwork for the superlatives that are to come.

Part II. In the ongoing assembly of an ultimate meal, Umberto confides some preparation secrets with the viewers.

Part III. In the final installment of Umberto's Place, Umberto achieves perfection as he crowns each dish and summarizes his techniques.

Overview: Umberto Returns

With loving attention to detail honed from over 40 years as a restaurateur, Umberto reinvents established recipes by adding surprising colors, and blending textures to create truly unforgettable taste experiences.
Never satisfied with the ordinary, Umberto scours the countryside to bring you the freshest produce and meats to create his art. Umberto fuses old-world tradition with modern sensibility and culinary mastery to confidently lay challenge to commonly-held notions about basic food preparation. By following closely along with the many never-before captured techniques, you too may learn to prepare dishes with the same integrity as the world-renowned Umberto

Part IV: Introducing the newest episodes of Master Chef Theater -- Umberto Returns. In Umberto's first three episodes, we saw his attention devoted to Chicken Scarpariello, Zucchini Parmesan, and Angelhair Pasta with Fresh Tomato Sauce. In installments IV and V, his attention is focused on fish.

Part V: Umberto meticulously prepares from scratch a delicious "Red Snapper Surprise" and a luscious pan-seared striped bass. In addition, he shares his secret recipe for fennel, which one New York Times critic described as "Food fit for Gods".

Sea Bass

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