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JK Toth’s MasterChef Theatre

A revolutionary new cooking showcasing “The Internet Chef”, with special production by JK Toth, (www.jktoth.com) showcases the personality, skill, and unusual cooking techniques and recipes exhibited by each MasterChef. Surprise guests may be invited onto the show to assist, comment, and taste preparations, with some segments focusing on informative and interesting facts related to cooking, and the cultural lifestyles exemplified by our food choices.

With the emphasis on colorful, efficient preparation, each MasterChef shares eagerly, step-by-step, the secrets that have made them household names in the world of fine dining.

By following closely along with the many never-before captured techniques, you too may prepare dishes with the same integrity as the world-renowned MasterChefs, as they prepare a mouthwatering array of their signature dishes.

New MasterChef chef personality Jack Eck will be following in the illustrious footsteps of the original, now-immortal Masterchef Umberto, the clever and talented Hiromoto, and the ever-resourceful Masterchef Tony.

This will mark the fifth installment of MasterChef Theatre. The newest episode was filmed on Sunday, November 4, 2012, at Jon and Patty’s Restaurant, and is due to be aired in September of 2013. Sponsors for this episode so far include Vespa Queens and Word of Mouth Auto Detail Center of Chappaqua.

CABLE TV AUDIENCE; MasterChef will be featured on the New Castle Community Media Group located in Chappaqua, NY that carries the MasterChef Theatre series to its wide-ranging audience. In particular, NCCMC, in association with Verizon and Cablevision, offers a viewership to wealthy households throughout the Hudson Valley and Lower Westchester County regions. In addition, the White Plains Regional Cable Channels have given several weekly spots to JK Toth, who will benefit overall to the tune of over 77,000 cable TV households.

MARKETING & INTERNET: Thousands of flyers, and hundreds of DVD copies of the show, MasterChef Theatre, are distributed at each major occasion for JK Toth.

MasterChef Theatre also appears as a feature presentation on the large JK Toth website (www.jktoth.com), with visits from thousands of subscribers and surfers monthly. A tab on the JK Toth website leads all visitors, via hotlink, directly to the MasterChef segments and our paid sponsors link. Facebook is being used also to promote the hot, new series to an estimated 250,000 extra households. An email blast our proprietary database is also sent out with each new episode.

SPONSORSHIPS ARE STILL AVAILABLE: Participating paid sponsors receive a complete advertising and promotional package, in-program mentions, commercial production, plus inclusion in some of the many JK Toth projects. Product placements are also possible in the body of the shows. Additional adaptations of this show may be to include MasterChef Theatre as company website as content, etc. Based upon all indications, we have a huge hit on our hands in MasterChef. Those interested in becoming sponsors of MasterChef should call 914-319-1691, as there is still time to have JK Toth produce a commercial on your behalf be inserted into the Program.

ABOUT JK TOTH—www,jktoth.com. JK Toth Inc. is a full-featured and accomplished film production company whose properties include; Amateur Fright Night, Empire Tales (4th of Summer, Chance Encounter), The Fireside Chat, MasterChef Theatre and several critically-acclaimed music videos (Dream of Love’ Last Dying Breath by ERS) (Destiny by Breakneck Speed), and television commercials (Vespa of Queens).

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