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White Run
Three different men play out their lives in a winter landscape at the U.S./Canada border. Financially burdened and with a sick wife, Cane Novak, former snowmobile race star, runs illicit prescription medication across the border to treat Annabelle. A well-connected businessman of the Mohawk Tribe, a Mr. Johnston, convinces Novak to add a popular designer drug to his "white runs". Overzealous Border Cop Hugo Suliveres decides to stake his career on stopping the determined duo at all costs.

Empire Tales

“Silver Bracelet” – After finding a dead body, a vacationing murder mystery writer becomes embroiled in the case, prompting the police to investigate whether he is an accomplice or just an innocent bystander. “The Straight and Narrow” – When Barry’s lover, Justin, threatens to kill Barry’s wife, the married gay man must make the hard choice between his decorative marriage and his true love. “Room For Rent” – Seeing a way out of his financial woes, Allen impersonates his mysteriously wealthy and suddenly deceased tenant, Greg Shaw, not realizing that killers pursuing Shaw will now come after him to settle an old score. “The Transcendence of Harry” – Extensive soul-searching following his retirement leads Harry to the path of spiritual enlightenment, culminating in a shocking final act that defies the rules of the known natural world.

The Pimp of Park Avenue

Red-hot television comedy writer, Jake Kelmer, is living the fast life. Money, women and a condo on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, with a sure feeling that the nouveaux riche ride will last forever. But when his smash-hit show is pulled from the air, he must confront the possibility of a poorer tomorrow. Faced with the choice of going under, or of getting a real job, Kelmer does what any reasonable entertainer should do: he connects his flexible-but-desperate actress friends with eligible widowers, and collects a handsome finder’s fee. Is he a straight-up pimp, or a companionship broker? And if he is a pimp, what are the chances of a by-the-book vice cop shoving a big plug into Kelmer’s plans? In a tale that winds its way through New York City with the grittiness of a brand-new finger nail file, “The Pimp of Park Avenue” proves that the truth, not sex, is the most precious commodity of all.

Weekend Getaway

Family patriarch Howard always thought that the weekend house he bought in the 1960s would be the place where his family would spend time together for years to come. Today, however, the picturesque setting in the Vermont woods is where members of the May family pursue their individual and self-centered goals. Daughter Caitlin uses the cabin to escape into her work, son-in-law Julian as the romantic backdrop for his love trysts, and grandson Marshall as the perfect hideaway for his recreational drug use. A rainy spring weekend would be no exception, were it not for poor communication, which results in the family members arriving on the same night. Upon learning of the unlikely family reunion, Howard makes an unscheduled appearance in order to break through the façade of lies and false relationships his family presents him with. But, as the night wears on, it becomes clear that pursuing the truth is a two-way street -- for Howard, the most aggressive truth-seeker of them all, may harbor the biggest secret.

The Girl Who Cried Wolf

An original screenplay.

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