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JK Toth Productions

Chef Antonino Scarpati

JK Toth Productions LLC will begin its first day of shooting this Saturday, April 9 for the upcoming Antonino Scarpati installment for MasterChef Theatre. The accomplished chef will be captured creating both new and old signature dishes. Chef Antonino is an accomplished and unique personal chef specializing in the preparation of eye-catching and mouthwatering offerings for dinner parties, intimate settings and special affairs.

He has gained a great deal of popularity in the affluent Westchester County area because of his approachable personality and attention to detail. MasterChef Theatre is pleased to introduce Chef Antonino, the newest Master Chef. He relishes working with shrimp and seafood, appetizers and soups. Chef Antonino has a flair for the dramatic, and puts forth an extra degree of effort as he decorates and garnishes his creations. Always concerned about his appearance, he is often seen formally dressed in either a white, or red chef's outfit and requisite hat. His passions include teaching about cooking. Lessons often are taught in his kitchen, and involve his whole family.

"I don't copy. I create". - Chef Antonino Scarpati

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