Read groundbreaking novel “The Sun King”

The only novel which tackles the themes of solar power and timeliness of following one’s dreams is now available in Paperback and Kindle editions!

From Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine published writer David Toth

THE SUN KING is a contemporary novel about an engineer living in the picturesque Adirondack Region of New York State. His recent retirement awakens a long-dormant entrepreneurial dream and, against the wishes of his wife, he decides to become the Henry Ford of the solar power industry. His quest to harness the sun’s power turns into an obsession that alienates family, friends and community—possibly even Nature herself.

Kindle edition

Paperback version


David Toth was born in Hungary and moved to the United States at the age of thirteen. After graduating from Cornell University, he worked as a journalist and as a producer of educational media before becoming a teacher of English and Film in New York City.

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