Behind the Scenes Interviews – Makes My Blood Dance performs at Kingsland, January 25

by David Toth

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The Kingsland, Greenpoint, Brooklyn

In the shadows of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway, in Greenpoint, sits a bar/pizzeria that looks like the joint where low-level mobsters get assassinated.

At least that’s what it looks like from the outside. Inside, The Kingsland gives off a cozy, 70s vibe. This is where Makes My Blood Dance performed to an eclectic crowd of rockers, Russians and other assorted aficionados.

Before the show got started, I interviewed the band members to gain insight into the inner workings and musical philosophy of the genre they dub “disco metal”. While bassist Alex Nikitin claims the genre finds its expression in the music of the band “Ghost”, there is no official definition. Maybe there doesn’t need to be one. Just listen to it. Feel it.

Video interview with the band

For more info. about Makes My Blood Dance:   Makes My Blood Dance – website

Photos from the show coming soon!

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